logoBitcoin (or BTC) is a secure, fully decentralized, open source solution for the known problems and costs inherent in traditional monetary systems.  Considered by many to be the “Internet of Money,” it is a revolutionary technology that offers great opportunities on both the local and global scale for individuals and businesses, and is available anywhere there is internet access. With Bitcoin, you are able to reach new markets and keep more of your profits.

At Western Mass BTC, we are ready to help you better understand and implement this powerful new technology. We provide training, education, and implementation consulting for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits who are looking to get started with bitcoin by addressing questions such as:

  • What IS bitcoin?
  • How do I OBTAIN bitcoin?
  • How can my business ACCEPT bitcoin for payments/donations?
  • How do I keep bitcoin SECURE?
  • How and where can I SEND/SPEND/DONATE bitcoin?
  • How might bitcoin technology disrupt, impact, or enhance my business?

As a cutting-edge technology, there are significant advantages to be had by those businesses and individuals who have the foresight to stay a step ahead of the crowd. Contact us today to learn more.